Giselle Marie Muñoz is an award-winning stage + on-camera performer.

Born to Colombian parents + raised in Southern California she trained as a dancer where she performed in some of LA's most iconic venues, toured with a dance company in college and taught kids ballet, jazz + contemporary dance. She later became a choreographer + costumer for various projects for print, film + stage. 

After graduating from Cal State Fullerton where she studied entertainment + comparative religion, she relocated to raise her family, peddle vintage goods + work in hospitality. 

Giselle studied theatre and film at the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in New York City where she was voted to speak at the commencement ceremony.

She has experience in filmmaking, producing short films, fashion styling and has a love for still photography + film editing.

She travels for work where she's performed most recently in New York City + Marfa, TX.

Giselle is a member of SAG-AFTRA, FiLM iNDEPENDENTAustin Film Society + board member of In the Dew of Little Things, a 501(c)(3) designed to provide, promote or enhance services for the underserved thru art and stewardship for the purpose of friendship and solidarity.

Giselle is co-founder and community director of Austin Arthouse Film Festival, spotlighting work from filmmakers across the world who defy conventions, champion art and challenge audience expectations. 

She lives in Austin,TX with her husband, artist Kevin Muñoz + their badass teenage daughter.


past projects


How far are people willing to go to help those in need, regardless of the risks? What does it take for a person whose heart is filled with hate to show compassion?

ESPERANZA is short film about hope and the power to change for the better. Written + Directed by Tom Procida.


image by Jennifer Kendall

Written by prolific Cuban-American playwright Maria Irene Fornés. Written in 1977, the play is known for its unique staging style and an all-female cast. The play is regarded as feminist, with its attention toward gender roles and the struggle against female stereotypes, revealing different levels of loneliness, isolation, and entrapment within the confines of a woman’s role at the time. Directed by ELizabeth V. Newman.

image by Steve Rogers

Dance Nation—winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, The Relentless Award, and 2019 Pulitzer Prize Finalist—is a ferocious exploration of youth, ambition and self-discovery. Written by Clare Barron. Directed by Jenny Lavery.

image by Steve Rogers

A compassionate ode to the psyche of one woman - and to all women. This play is about the life of Mary Page Marlowe. It is an attempt to integrate her many lives, traumas and experiences into a whole person. Written by Tracy Letts. Directed by Robert Walden.

An idyllic weekend getaway at the Texas Gulf Coast devolves into a night of drunken chaos inside and severe weather outside, are the women

 prepared to deal with the aftermath? 

Severe Weather Warning is a wild comedy about great friends, terrible choices, and passion in a world that’s gonna blow. Written by Elizabeth Doss. Directed by Jenny Lavery.

Argentinean-American playwright Lillian Groag explores the connections among memory, history, and art through the eyes of a child, revisited from the perspective of adulthood. By turns funny, loving, and politically alarming, The Magic Fire weaves a spell of tango and opera, treasured memories and hidden truths. Directed by Norman Blumensaadt.

image by Kelsi Bodin
image by Steven Rogers
image by Steven Rogers

past projects


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